Welcome to Manchester Airport, officially opened on 25 June 1938 and was initially known as Ringway Airport. During World War II it was called RAF Ringway and become a hub of wartime engineering activity as an aircraft manufacturing base. It was laid out with three new runways and ten new hangars.
In 1946 peace time operations started and the passenger numbers started to increase although still using the old war time buildings. In 1951 the main runway was extended to 1798 meters and the following year was open 24hours a day.
In 1962 a new terminal was built to handle the one million plus passengers, with a further runway extension to 2745m in 1969.
By 1995, 15 million passengers per year were using the airport and a new runway was added in 2001 to allow for future expansion. Today nearly 23 million passengers use Manchester.



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