[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - ORBX/FSimStudios CYXU London International Airport V1.0.0

 London International Airport (IATA: YXU, ICAO: CYXU) is located 5 nautical miles (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) northeast of the city of London, Ontario, Canada. In 2018, the airport handled 514,685 passengers, and, in 2011, was the 20th busiest in Canada in terms of aircraft movements, with 94,747. Air Canada Express, WestJet and WestJet Encore provide year-round flights to London International Airport. It also provides services for cargo airlines. The airport is home to the annual "Airshow London" held annually, the largest military airshow in Canada. Scheduled flights to Calgary, Toronto, Cancun, Varadero, Punta Cana and other destinations service the airport. The airport is also known for the Diamond Aircraft factory on the south end of the airport.
Key Features
 Extremely detailed representation of London International Airport CYXU
 Outstanding modelling, 4K PBR Textures and great attention to detail
 Detailed terminal interior
 Over 10sqKm of 0.3m/pix seasonal aerial orthophotos
 Featuring the Diamond Factory, the Jet Aircraft Museum, International Test Pilot School (ITPS) and the Fanwashe College in great detail
 Detailed Ontario Medical Helicopters Ornge hangar
 SODE-Controlled seasonal and weather-dependent features
 Static Commercial and GA Aircraft