[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - ORBX EGPH Edinburgh Airport v1.1.4

 In-House team GayaSimulations has faithfully recreated the busy airport using the latest techniques and features to give you the most realistic experience possible. Using HD PBR textures to provide an unprecedented level of detail throughout - in particular on the airport apron. Explore the fully modelled fire stations, hotels and office buildings that surround the airport, or watch as the airport comes to life with animated traffic throughout.
Throughout the scenery, enjoy impressive 3D custom modelling of the main terminal areas and beyond. Smaller details such as ground service equipment scatter the airport apron, which brings the airport to life in conjunction with Orbx PeopleFlow. Edinburgh’s iconic Air Traffic Control tower sits tall and mighty behind the main terminal building and has been recreated using highly detailed modelling and texturing. As the sun sets, be sure to see the ATC tower lit up with its powerful purple tones.
Designed to blend in with EU Scotland, enjoy approaching the airport from any direction to enjoy approaches that lead you right over the cultural city.
Please note that compatibility with TrueEarth Great Britain North is limited to the summer season only.
Key Features
 High-resolution orthoimagery surrounding the airport
 Detailed and performance-friendly 3D modelling for the airport and beyond
 Superb ground textures with environmental wear-and-tear for that realistic effect
 Fire station, hotels and offices all fully modelled with impressive detailing
 Dynamic lighting across the whole airport bringing the airport at night to life
 Impressive rendering of the iconic ATC tower at Edinburgh complete with accurate lighting during night
 PBR materials used across the airport, with wet texture appearance during rainy weather
 SODE jetways to make it easy to connect to your aircraft at aircraft stands