[P3Dv4/P3Dv5 ] - Flightbeam Wellington International Airport NZWN v1.04


Welcome to Wellington International Airport, the capital of New Zealand, right in the heart of the country.
NZWNHD is situated in a stunning, picturesque setting surrounded by hills and water in one of the most scenic countries in the world. A true challenge to fly into with active weather, upon landing you're rewarded to ultra high resolution terminal textures with highly realistic see through windows and interior modeling. Using the latest P3D techniques, this product reaches a new level of visual fidelity not seen in previous products.
 Features the all-new Flightbeam Manager system
 Configuration Manager allows you to quickly customize NZWN to your liking
 Features WET-FX: Tarmac becomes more or less soaked depending on weather conditions
 Utilizes SODE for advanced jetway interaction with aircraft
 Includes expansive surroundings of the airport, including the whole Miramar peninsula
 Ultra crisp, hi-def textures rendered up to 4096x4096 resolution
 Includes custom static GA and NZ Airlines at gates
 P3Dv4 dynamic night lighting included
 Leverages P3D's material scripting engine for dynamic water puddles and dynamic runway lights
 Key interior areas modeled, including the main terminal and the new domestic terminal bridge