[MSFS] - VueloSimple – SAME Governor Francisco Gabrielli / El Plumerillo International Airport v1.0.0

 SAME – El Plumerillo. Mendoza City, Argentina.

Mendoza International Airport, known as “El Plumerillo” is located near the city of Mendoza, right to The Andes mountains. Number 4 airport in the country, it also serves as an Air Force Base. In the last years, it´s main terminal was completely updated, as well as the main runway and all taxiways.

With it´s new and recognized wine circuit, the city of Mendoza became a well-know destination for travelers around the world. Located near “The Andes” the airport is the nearest gate to fly over (or around) the Aconcagua, highest peak in America and declared World Heritage.

Get ready to enjoy beautiful views of “The Andes” covered in snow, with hidden glaciers and stunning sunrises and sunsets. You can either fly the famous Argentina – Chile cross over the Andes, or fly your VFR adventure.


• Hand Crafted Terminal, control tower and parkings
• Main hall and boarding area interiors
• IV Brigada Aérea and ACC Mendoza
• Custom made Apron with accurate parking positions
• Custom taxiways and runway materials
• Detailed night lighting
• LOD (level of detail) Optimization for FS2020