[MSFS] - FlyLogic – LSZC Buochs Airport v1.0.0


Welcome to the Airport of Buochs, the picturesque airport within its scenery environment. The new product
by Flylogic Software offers you now the possibility to land at this airport with a challenging approach in your
own flight simulator. With wish you many exciting flights with this product!

On voyages of discovery across the very large area of the airport, you can discover a multitude of details and
special features.


• Realistic and highly detailed depiction of the airport
• Very detailed depiction of PILATUS Flugzeugwerke AG
• Detailed representation of the nearby commercial areas, the Nidwalden shooting range and the restaurant “Cockpit”
• Optimally created for MSFS
• Adjusted to World Update 6
• Markings on the apron and runways
• Lifelike lighting effects
• Animated people and windsocks
• Static vehicles
• MSFS standard ground traffic
• Optimized execution speed by using LOD’s
• German manual – Manuel en français – English manual