[MSFS] - Perfect Flight – Greece Scenic Tour v1.0.0

 Explore a genuine and spontaneous country, with a rough but gentle charm. Defined as ‘The Cradle of Civilization’, it is an open-air museum. From the glories of Ancient Greece to the Roman conquest, from the Byzantine period to the Venetian one up to the Ottoman domination.

Greece has a very diverse territory. Wonderful sea but also mountain landscape with snowy peaks. On this trip you will be able to admire all the wonderful and colorful places that exude history and culture.

On board your Cessna 172 let yourself be enveloped by the charm of adventure and free flight.


• 3 Bush Trips with over 130 points of interest. Each POI has photo and description available in the Navlog. Particular attention was paid to historical-geographical informations. Thus the journey becomes a real tour guide.
– Greece Part 1 – From Alexamdria to Kalamata
– Greece Part 2 – Kalamata to Samos
– Greece Part 3 – Samos to Tessaloniki
• Easy to fly – You can easily follow the flight plan from the PFD but you will receive also routing instruction as well. So enjoy beautiful views and incredible landscapes. Hours and hours of pure fun, indulging your passion for flying at the same time.
• TTS technology. Missions take advantage of the Microsoft TTS technology and you will receive instructions and information about the flight by voice.
• Custom Settings – You can fly the missions with preset settings or change weather, season, date and time. You can refuel the plane in any time.