[MSFS] - G–Simulations – Kneeboard v2.9.9.4

 Kneeboard is a fully VR compatible, in-game navigation log, document viewer, moving map, notepad and calculator for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

With this addon you can now recreate a flight to the last detail realistically or use it for your pilot training.

With this tool you can quickly create a navigation and weather log, write down the instructions you receive from the controller, perform calculations or view maps and checklists, especially in VR.


• Fully VR compatible
• Accessible via an in-game panel
• Teleport
• VFR Navigation log
• IFR Navigation log
• Weather log
• Documents Viewer
• Moving map (incl. airspaces, navaids, hotspots…)
• Flightplanner
• Geosearch
• Notepad (writable with the mouse)
• Virtual keyboard
• Avionics calculator
• Edit Navlog inside your desktop browser
• Save / Load Navigation log’s
• Flightplan import
• Change easaly the application colors
• Create your own application colors