[MSFS] - DominicDesignTeam – VVBM Buon Ma Thuot Airport v1.0.0



With meticulous care from the dominic design team, Buon Ma Thuot Airport comes to life with the typical vegetation of the Vietnamese highlands. Promises to be a great experience for simmers who love to explore

Buon Ma Thuot Airport (IAIA :BMV, ICAO: VVBM) (Vietnamese: Sân bay Buôn Ma Thuột) is a public airport in Viet Nam The airport is located near the provincial capital Buon Ma Thuot in Dak Lak province . Another name for this airport is Phung-Duc Airport It has one functional runway. A second incomplete runway (marked with a faded 27 R) is not in use. Two aprons are located on the south side of the airport with buildings that appeared to be used for aircraft storage. A barracks-like camp is located to the north side of the airport. This airport handled 860,000 passenger in 2016 . source : wikipedia

Welcome to Buon Ma Thuot city, the heart of the central highlands of Vietnam,with meticulous care from the developers


• PBR Textures
• Dynamic rain on control tower
• Dynamic Lighting
• Real Ground Markings
• Custom, painstakingly hand-crafted pavement, showcasing all imperfections including dirt
• Custom flashing beacon on control tower