[MSFS] - Brazil Land Games – Brazil Airports Pack v1.5.0


Warning: One of the airports conflicts with EB Cenarios’s SBAR airport, only use one of the two (EB Cenarios recommended).

Warning: One of the airports conflicts with Paulo Ricardo’s SBRJ and TropicalSim’s SBRJ airport, only use one of the three (Paulo Ricardo recommended).

Warning: One of the airports conflicts with GearDown Simulations SWPI airport, only use one of the two (GearDown Simulations recommended).

Note: See README.txt after extracting!

Note: If you downloaded v1.4.0 previously, you can download a delta update containing only the added files of v1.5.0 instead: https://dropmefiles.com/J1PI6


This is a bundle of multiple Brasilian airports from Brazil Land Games, including:

SBAR Santa Maria Airport v3.2.0
SBBE Val De Cans Airport v3.2.0
SBBG Comandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport v1.2.1
SBBV Boa Vista Airport v1.0.1
SBCF Belo Horizonte Airport v2.0.1
SBCH Serafin Enoss Bertaso Airport v2.0.1
SBCT Afonso Pena Airport v1.0.1
SBCX Caxias Do Sul Airport v2.1.0
SBCZ Cruzeiro Do Sul Airport v1.2.0
SBEG Manaus Airport v1.0.0
SBFI Foz Do Iguacu Airport v2.5.0
SBFL Florianopolis Airport v1.0.6
SBFZ Fortaleza Airport v1.0.1
SBHT Altamira Airport v1.0.0
SBIL Ilheus Jorge Amado Airport v1.0.1
SBJA Jaguaruna Airport v1.0.1
SBJE Comte Ariston Pessoa Airport v1.0.2
SBJP Presidente Castro Pinto Airport v1.0.2
SBJU Juazeiro Do Norte Airport v1.0.1
SBJV Joinville Airport v1.0.0
SBKG Campina Grande Airport v1.0.1
SBKP Viracopos Airport v1.0.0
SBLO Londrina Airport v1.0.2
SBMG Silvio Name Junior v1.0.1
SBMO Maceio Airport v1.0.0
SBMQ Macapa Airport v1.5.0
SBPA Salgado Filho Airport v1.0.0
SBPB Parnaiba Airport v2.0.0
SBPJ Palmas Airport v1.0.0
SBPS Porto Seguro Airport v1.0.0
SBPV Porto Velho Airport v1.0.0
SBRF Recife Airport v3.0.0
SBRJ Santos Dumont Airport v1.1.0
SBRP Ribeirao Preto Airport v1.0.0
SBSG Sao Gonzalo Do Amarante Airport v1.0.0
SBSL Marechal Cunha Machado Airport v2.2.0
SBSR Sao Jose Do Rio Preto Airport v1.2.5
SBTC Una Comandatuba Airport v1.2.0
SBTE Teresina Airport v1.1.1
SBTT Tabatinga Airport v1.0.0
SBTU Tucurui Airport v2.0.0
SBUA Sao Gabriel Da Cachoeira Airport v1.0.0
SBUF Paulo Afonso Airport v1.0.0
SBUG Ruben Berta Airport v1.5.0
SBUL Uberlandia Airport v2.0.0
SBVT Eurico De Aguiar Salles Airport v2.0.0
SDCG Senadora Eunice Michiles Airport v1.0.0
SSPG Santos Dumont Airport v1.0.0
SSPR Porto Walter Airport v1.0.0
SWBC Barcelos Airport v1.0.0
SWHT Humaita Airport v1.0.0
SWLB Labrea Airport v1.0.0
SWMW Maues Airport v1.0.0
SWNK Novo Campo Airport v1.0.0
SWNO Nova Olinda Do Norte Airport v1.0.0
SWPI Parintins Airport v1.0.0