[MSFS] - Aerosoft – EDXB Heide–Buesum Airport v1.0.0.0


The new Microsoft Flight Simulator offers many new possibilities for all types of flying. The VFR pilots can also experience an unprecedented visual experience. Aerosoft now offers a new starting point for great VFR experiences.

The Airfield Heide-Büsum sets you off perfectly for exploring the Wadden Sea or for a little island hopping on the North or East Frisian Islands. You can of course also simulate the OFD’s direct connection to Helgoland according to the flight plan. They offer up to four connections a day.


• True to life recreation of Heide-Büsum Airfield
• Full PBR texturing based on more than 100 on site photos
• Detailed object modelling including tower interior
• Custom windsock animation
• Correctly set up ground routes and fueling area
• Custom lighting
• Custom static gliders
• Optimized for PC and Xbox