Welcome to Portugal. Welcome to Oporto, or Porto as it's known outside the English speaking countries. The Airport, Franciso de Sá Carneiro has gone through some changes in the recent years, expanding from a small terminal to a state of the art glass terminal building with jetways and all the comfort you'll see in today's most equipped airports. The airport was considered in 2009 Europe's third best airport of up to 5 million passengers.
The airport is expected to grow in the future, with more buildings, more ramps and more parking spaces. The scenery features the airport in it's complete state as of today, including the new Everjets and DHL hangars to the opposite side of the runway from the main terminal.
 Highly detailed Porto Airport / LPPR
 Full night illumination
 New jetway model to represent the boarding bridge model change at real airport
 Dynamic Lighting on Prepar3d v5 version
 Optional SODE animated jetways
 Optional 3D Lights
 Optional 3D Grass within airport islands and taxiways/runways.
 P3D v5 native materials custom ground option
 Wet ground surface effect for P3Dv5 (via native custom ground)
 Compatible with add-on AI traffic.
 Compatible with other third-party sceneries
 P3D version compatible with default and add-on P3D scenery
 Usage of Prepar3d SDK for the P3D version for best performance