[P3D V4][P3D V5] - Flight Sim Labs A319X A320X A321X V5.0.1.184


The FSLabs A320 includes an entirely custom animated external model, a complete 2D panel set and a fully immersive 3D virtual cockpit, allowing the flight simulator pilot an in-depth experience of this very popular aircraft. Additional features for the FSLabs A320 include a robust Flight Management and Guidance System (FMGS) with proper SID/STAR tracking; lateral and vertical flight management which follows the ARINC 424-19 specification in full detail; the entire range of aircraft systems; and the complete custom Fly-By-Wire implementation featured in the actual aircraft. The FSLabs A320 is the pinnacle of simulation fidelity in add-on aircraft for desktop simulators and reaches a broad market ranging from the beginner in glass cockpit airliners to the simulation expert who wishes to enjoy a virtual environment that is unparalleled in the desktop simulation world.
System requirements:
PC hardware (Apple Macs not supported).
Windows 10 1903 (32 bit for FSX, 64 bit for P3D). Minimum 16GB RAM.
CPU: Minimum: 6500, Recommended 8000 Passmark CPU Mark Score
Graphics Card: Minimum 5000, Recommended 6500 Passmark GPU Mark Score
P3Dv5 Graphics Card Memory: Minimum 6GB, Recommended 10GB
Microsoft Flight Simulator X SP2/XPack/Steam (for the A320-X for FSX)
NOT for MS Flight Simulator 2020
Prepar3D v4.5HF3 (for the A320-X for P3Dv4), Prepar3D v5.0HF2/v5.1 (for the A320-X for P3Dv5)
The A320-X is now compatible with Prepar3D v5/v5.1!
NOTE: Minimum settings allow the aircraft to load and operate but you’ll need to make compromises in graphics and scenery settings to get adequate performance.
Not suitable for people with blindness.