Welcome to the most detailed scenery ever made for Gatwick Airport. Gatwick Xtreme. Gatwick has two main terminals, South and North, which are linked by a transit train.

Gatwick dates back to 1946 when it was a basic grass strip. In 1953, it was decided that Gatwick was to become London’s second airport, mainly for the use of charter flights. Since then it has continued to grow and grow with the latest addition being the new Pier 1 and changes to Pier5.

Please note this will be the last version for FS2004.

Whats new in version 4?

New Pier1

New major rework of Pier5

New A380 stand on Pier6

Transparent Glass on Pier, Bridge and Pier3

New Hangers in Cargo Are

Uses latest UK2000 scenery methods

Improved higher images and models and hundreds of others changes and improvements.


Full detail Buildings

Realistic Ground Markings

All Jetway

UK Runway markings

Stunning Night Effects

3D Approach Lights

Hundreds of Airport Vehicles

Excellent Frame Rates

Unique Service Fleet#**

Animated Traffic**

Runway Wigwags

Full set of signs


Static Aircraft

Manual and Options

Docking systems

Special 'Effects'

Improved runway lights

'Edge' blending

High resolution textures

Stand IDs