[P3Dv4/P3Dv5] - FSUIPC6 - (3.06.2021)


Changes in FSUIPCv6.1.2:

 - new FSUIPC control added to manually trigger AutoSave: Trigger Auto-save

 - bug fix for TextMenu queueing

 - disabled slope adjustment logging when slope=0 (when Exreas/Debug logging enabled)

 - increased maximum number of entries allowed in the AlsoManage ini section from 32 to 64

 - New ini parameter added to allow registration details to be obfuscated in About Window, use in the [General] section:


Changes in FSUIPCv6.1.0:

 - lua functions added to read/write lvars as strings: readLvarSTR, writeLvarSTR

 - re-enabled logging of ATC__MENU_OPEN/CLOSE events

 - changes to closing down devcoms threads to be more resilient

 - updated to recognise up to 128 buttons per device for direct assignments (was 32)

Changes in FSUIPCv6.0.13:

 - Correction to annotations for FSUIPC added controls

 - Fix fLuaProcList to accommodate OnmenuList flag

 - New ini parameter added TimeToDelayTexts, to be used to delay menu/text writing to offsets to prevent overwriting before being displayed.

Changes in FSUIPCv6.0.12:

 - correction to console window saved position for -ve coordinates

 - fix for crash in axis scanning due to disconnected devices

 - Traffic limiter updates: upper limit added + performance improvements

 - correction to clearing axes assignments in profiles

 - fixed button initial repeat delay, and adjustments for repeat delay esp. for virtual buttons

 - lua event.cancel() function corrected to cancel all events on argument function (previously only cancelled first found)

 - GEER CENTER STEER ANGLE sim variable added at offset 0x0C10

 - Correction to allow multiple *.evt files to be loaded