[MSFS] - Nemeth Designs – Yakovlev Yak–18T v1.0.4


– Fixed some collision issues
– Fixed windhield blurriness in the cockpit view
– Fixed several Sim Update 5 related interaction errors (COM, ADF, NAV radios, starter & voltmeter button)
– Fixed missing pilot avatar error in the exterior view
– Adjustments for the directional gyro function, turn coordinator indicators and engine manifold pressure
– Fixed some incorrect electrical system dependencies
– Sim Update 5 compatibility

It is widely used as a sport aerobatic airplane both inside and outside the former USSR. It is powered by a 268-298 kW (360-400 hp) Vedeneyev M14P radial engine. Compared with other four-seat light aircraft the Yak-18T is only a little wider and longer but it is much heavier and is equipped with a considerably more powerful engine. The Yak-18T has strong construction, aerobatic capability and responsive handling characteristics and its performance and handling capabilities far exceed its western counterparts. When performing aerobatics, the solid airframe is rated to withstand G-loads from +6G down to -3G.

The Yak-18T was designed with versatility in mind so it can land on paved and unpaved surfaces, take off from noticeably short fields and it’s landing capability allows easy access to shorter runways. Its rate of climb is between 1000 and 2000 feet per minute. It is a big, aerobatic capable, four-seater with retractable landing gears that can be found throughout the Eastern Bloc countries working as trainer, transport, air-ambulance aircraft, aerial photography platform, pipeline patroller and more.


• High Definition textures
• Full Physics-Based Rendering material implementation
• Authentic flight characteristics
• Authentic flight system configuration
• Classic avionics design but fully IFR capable
• Implemented rain and icing effect both in the cockpit and the airframe
• 13 liveries
• PDF manual