Nov 16, 2021

[MSFS] - Mario Noriega Designs – Caproni–Vizolla C–22J Ventura v1.1.6


– Sim Update 6 Compatibility
– 4K Textures (including bumps and PBR)
– 3D detailing improvements (can you find them all?)
– Elevator Trim 50% more responsive
– Minor sound system adjustments for Wind, Airbrake and throttle levers, brakes.
– Altitude alerter sound is now tied to its electrical ciruit
– Minor 3D model fixes.
The Machine:
A fully aerobatic, very-light Jet that compares to the Bede BD-5J, but heavier and sporting two instead of one TRS-18 turbojets. Up to Mach 0.47 and 650 NM of range, with a service ceiling of 25000ft. A low stall speed (for a jet) makes the aircraft good for short field operations.
Certified for VFR operations only, yet includes a good avionics suite.
This is a “Classic” aircraft featuring “Steam” gauges and radios. Yet, controls and systems are easy to operate.
The History:
The C-22J is the last aircraft to be adorned with the legendary Caproni name. Originally known as “Caproncino”, then marketed as “Ventura”. A very-light jet developed in the 1980s as a military trainer, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft. Powered by two TRS-18 turbojets fed from a dorsal NACA intake, the aircraft reached Mach 0.47 and was fully aerobatic. The airframe shows its origin in a glider design, the Caproni A-21 Calif. After the merger with SIAI Marchetti, the project was cancelled in favor of the SF-260.


• High-Resolution 3D cockpit
• Full Documentation
• Aerobatic