[MSFS] - FTSiM+ – B787 Sound Pack (Genx) v1.1.0


Note: See INFO.pdf after extracting!

– Cockpit:
– Enabled ATC Chatter ( instruction on “B787_Sp.pdf” )
– Reduced Cockpit Control Noises ( Buttons , Switches ) – Fixed Chime sound and Position
– Engines:
– Replaced Reverse sounds
– Louder Roar sounds
– Louder Exhaust noises at the Rear Cabin View
– Adjusted Exterior View Positions and enabled Doppler effect
– ExtEnv:
– Enabled Flaps “Deploy_Stop” sound
– Reduced Hydraulics and Flaps noises “in Cruise”
– Reduced Hydraulics “On Demand” Pump Volume on the Cockpit side – Fixed Ground Roll view Position ( Disabled on the Exterior )
– Reduced Wind Noises at Lower Air-Speed
B787 Sound Pack (Genx) Made with Wwise Studio for MSFS 2020
Compatible with: “Asobo” B787 Package


• GE Genx Engine sounds
• Cockpit & Cabin sounds: Controls, Avionics, Packs, Power Bus
• Weather: Rain, Wind, Gust
• Wind Drag: Flaps, Spoilers, L-Gears
• Exterior Env: LGear Deploy/Roll/Touchdown, LGear Doors, Flaps, Apu, Hydraulics
• Warnings sounds: Gpws, Alerts