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[MSFS] - VueloSimple – SAAR Rosario – Islas Malvinas International Airport v1.0.0


SAAR Rosario Islas Malvinas International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Rosario “Islas Malvinas”, IATA: ROS, ICAO: SAAR), also known as the “AIR” for “Aeropuerto Internacional Rosario”, is located 13 km west from the center of Rosario, a city in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina. The airport’s name reflects Argentina’s claims of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas in Spanish), and could be translated as “Rosario – Falkland Islands International Airport”.

Get ready for wonderful views of the Rosario city and the inmensity of the Parana River. This airport will suit you perfect for a VFR experience over the “Paraná” as it will give you also the chance to a very short IFR commercial flight to the capital city of Buenos Aires. Bad weather in Buenos Aires? This airport is a perfecte “Alternate” providing enough runway and parking for even a 747!


• Great quality: This airport includes hand crafted buildings, its main iconic passenger terminal, the south complex of hangars and new car parkings. Even the spotter point “mirador del arco” is designed.
• Updated: Our goal is to provide you the latest version of the airport, with all the modifications made in the last years. The extended commercial Apron is included with all parking spots.
• Optimization: It was designed to be FPS friendly, no matter what configuration you are using.

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