[MSFS] - RKbridger – New York Bridges v1.1.0


Warning: If you are using SamScene – New York City Times, please download this version instead which avoids conflicts on Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges.

This package will make a stunning difference to your flights around New York City. It includes 29 New York City bridges on the Hudson River, the East River, the Harlem River and Jamaica Bay beside JFK airport.

Each bridge is individually modeled with accurate dimensions, and provides a very realistic representation of its style and architecture. Many of the bridges were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and have an ornate and complex iron girder structure as opposed to more modern bridges which are built in a much more minimalist fashion. Both styles have their beauty and many of the these bridges are architectural masterpieces. This makes the rendering of the bridges in all their glory so important for flight simulation. You get a much more immersive and realistic flight as well as the joy of the beauty of the bridges. If you are reading this you already know how the majority of the bridges in MSFS 2020 look, like dams across the river during the day and blocks of apartment buildings at night. This package changes all that, and you will be able to fly under any bridge.

Asobo has modeled the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge near the Statue of Liberty and these are not included in this package. Conflicts can arise if you use any other add-on which includes New York bridges with this package.