[MSFS] - FlyingIron Simulations – P–38L Lightning v1.0.1


– Systems:
– Tablet and Radio renamed to prevent conflicts with other mods – Thermodynamics model improved
– Oxygen Gauge + Logic Fixed
– Oil Cooler ‘Auto’ Mode fixed
– FM:
– Improved ground handling, most notably nosewheel steering
– Improved control in runway crosswind conditions (weathervaning effect) – Improved landing characteristics
– Added Canopy drag
– Small tweaks to lift
– Art:
– Added Fuel Selector Decals
– Added Aircraft Placard
– Added more polygons to dash for better curvature – Fixed reversed decals
– Fixed Elevator animation
– Added landing light 3d model
– Added stow & wing fuel level test tooltips
– Added Cockpit light bulb
– Fixed Right Wing Light colour
– Tablet:
– Added loadout manager
– Added pushback service
– Fixed Autopilot
– Added new Tablet click spot
– Remembers open page when stowed, will activate again upon unstowing.
– A lot more data on the Live Data page as well as more Units of Measurement – Settings page now has brightness control
– Performance optimizations
– Checklist page: improved Engine Startup
– V-Speed page: added max speed with drop tanks
– Adjusted fuel consumption and range data

Unmistakeable. Terrifying. Master of the skies: The fork-tailed devil.

With over 10,000 built between 1941-1944 (and nearly 4000 of these as the P-38L), the P-38 Lightning is an iconic American Warbird, easily distinguished by its unique twin-boom and central nacelle design. The “Fork-tailed devil” inspired terror across Europe & the Pacific as not only a fighter, but a highly effective fighter-bomber, night fighter and long-range escort.

The Lightning is capable of speeds up to 414 mph and an excellent rate of climb, powered by its powerful twin Allison V-1710 Engines. The Allison engines drive a 3-bladed Curtiss Electric Constant-speed propeller, counter-rotating to eliminate yaw tendencies, generating up to 1600 HP in each engine at a 2:1 gear reduction ratio. Dogfight performance is improved drastically with the addition of innovative technology for its time, such as the hydraulically powered Aileron Boosters, Manoeuvre flaps and Dive Flaps.


• High-quality, extensively detailed and accurate 3D Model & texturing brings to life every rivet, screw & oil streak of the P-38L
• Immersive Wwise Sound design built from professional recordings of a real P-38 and Allison V-1710. Highly dynamic sound design captures each detail of flight in stereo; dynamic wind noise, drag & buffer sounds, high-g effects, airframe stress & so much more!
• 9 included liveries, including Richard Bong’s iconic livery. Professional quality nose art included in many liveries.
• Detailed & Extensive simulations of the Lightnings core systems, including accurate, code-driven replications of the Lightnings Fuel, Engine, Cooling and Electrical Systems.
• Incredibly realistic Flight Model created by our newest team member, the highly respected GotGravel!
• Custom code-driven heat & thermodynamics modelling, extensive engine management simulation
• Realistic Engine Start-up modelling (don’t forget your checklists!)
• Optional Drop Tanks
• Custom damage modelling & failures, including heat damage & operating limits
• 3D GNS 430 fully integrated into the cockpit (optional)
• Modern Radio / Transponder Unit
• Inclusion of FlyingIron’s UI Tablet (optional). The tablet incorporates many useful GUI features and puts them in an easily accessible and realistic in-cockpit Touchscreen Tablet.
• Interactive checklists available to guide you through start-up and flight procedures