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[MSFS] - iniBuilds – EGKK Gatwick Airport v1.0.0


Now in the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator: London Gatwick Airport (EGKK). As one of the beating hearts of London Aviation, and a vital link in the British short-haul network, it’s a place you’ll find to be visited on your favourite airline’s everyday timetable.

Gatwick is known and unique for its high-density, single-runway operations, and a diverse labyrinth of architectural developments that make up its northern and southern terminals.

Origami Studios have partnered with iniScene to bring this up-to-date representation of Gatwick to the next generation simulator with a plethora of features to bring the airport to life and up to par with it’s real-world counterpart.


• A mix of 4K and 2K textures for optimal performance
• A custom, faithful recreation of the latest airport ground layout with accurate signage
• Realistic stand signs coupled with static, accurately placed VDGS
• Ground clutter and custom cars placed all around the airport to bring it to life
• Several variants of bespoke, animated jetways
• Accurate apron, runway and taxiway lighting throughout



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