[MSFS] - IndiaFoxtEcho – Aermacchi MB–339 v1.3.2


– Changed RPM indicator reference variables, as the previous ones did not work as intended after SU5
– Added Pony 0 Special Color for Frecce Tricolori 60th Anniversary
– Added “Al Fursan” livery for aerobatic version
– Added blue smoke for Al Fursan livery
– Added Peruvian Air Force livery
– Increased special effects visibility distance and persistance
– Fixed glitch causing heat blur effect to disappear in certain conditions
– Internal reorganization of 3D models (nodes and hierarchy)
– Added high altitude contrail effect
– Added Sim Update V landing special effects
– Redone ADI and backup ADI animation
– Repackaged to Sim Update V standards
– Improved fuel flow indications, consumption and range*
– Minor improvements to flight model
– Implemented Sim Update V cockpit interface (necessary for XBox)
– Restored Mouse Drag functionality on many controls
– Fixed minor misalignment of ADI bank needle
– Fixed glitch preventing proper placement of HSI lubber line
– Fixed several minor glitches in virtual cockpit model
– Fixed several minor glitches in external models
– Copilot figure is now optional: will disappear if copilot weight is set to 70lbs or less
– Added backup ADI setting and mouse area
– Added Marker Sensitivity Switch
– Cabin Press switch now functional, also cabin press indications are now more realistic
– VOR and TACAN power switches must noe be set to ON to get readings on the HSI
– Added several animations in the cockpit (cosmetic only, may receive proper implementation in future)
– Armament will now display “TANK” if a tank is loaded on a pylon on A and AMLU variants
– Added smoke system (white and colored)**
– Added PAN model variants loaded with green and red smoke

The Aermacchi MB-339 is a military jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed and manufactured by Italian aviation company Aermacchi.

The MB-339 was developed during the 1970s in response to an Italian Air Force requirement that sought a replacement for the service’s existing fleet of Aermacchi MB-326. Its design was derived from that of the MB-326, rather than a new design, and thus the two aircraft share considerable similarities in terms of their design. Aermacchi had found that the MB-339 was capable of satisfying all of the specified requirements while being the most affordable option available. The maiden flight of the MB-339 took place on 12 August 1976; the first production aircraft were delivered two years later.

Roughly half of all MB-339s entered service with the Italian Air Force, while the remainder have been sold to various export customers. As well as being used for training, the type is also flown by the Frecce Tricolori aerobatic display team. The type has been used in combat by both the Eritrean Air Force during the Eritrean–Ethiopian War of 1998-2000 and the Argentine Naval Aviation during the Falklands War of 1982. In both conflicts, the MB-339 was typically flown as an attack aircraft.


• Two extremely detailed visual model: MB-339A and MB-339PAN (MLU)
• Extremely detailed cockpit model (front seat only)
• Flight model based on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator model
• Seven different 8K liveries: Frecce Tricolori, Italian Air Force Camouflage, Italian Air Force Ghost Grey, United Arab Emirates, Armada Argentina, Royal Malaysian Air Force and factory colors.
• Custom sound package (in FSX legacy mode)