[MSFS] - Digital Designs URSS Sochi International Airport V1.0,0

 Welcome to Sochi, the main beach resort of Russia, and one of the busiest airports after Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Located near the Black Sea coast, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, Sochi Airport has one of the scenic approaches.

Sochi is the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics, more than 100 objects in the surrounding area have been recreated, including Olympic objects and resort areas!

The airport and surroundings have been recreated with the smallest detail. Enjoy the detailing of the scenery!

Key Features
Complete high-quality models of the Sochi airport
Many custom airport vehicles
Many custom 3D models of vegetation and trees.
Custom surroundings including many attractions around the airport, over 100 objects.
Complete recreation of the Olympic facilities, track F1, coasts, Sochi Park, hotels etc
Animated 3D people
Custom animated jetways
Advanced night lighting
Static planes and helicopters
Use of parallax windows in combination with partial interior modelling
FPS-friendly design
Correct runway profiles