[MSFS] - Bijan Studio - 4 SEASON PACK V6.0.5


Four Season Pack

What does “4 season pack” include?

Over 55 new ecosystems and expanding, featuring over 45 trees, shrubs and bushes which are placed in the world based on native vegetation.
Four seasons.
Wild flowers (in Africa)
Covers the whole earth
True to life size trees
New Tree LOD Fix will be available on  4/23/2021
Barely any impact on performance.
Only 1 MB
Easy install in community folder.

Over 45 different shapes and species of trees and bushes. You will discover more variety of trees in most places. You will now find various sizes and colors of palm trees in tropical areas. Trees have been added to many areas based on native trees. Many conifer trees that were placed in wrong areas have been removed and replaced with deciduous trees. Many of the very tall trees have been replaced with shorter ones.
Every season changes colors depending on region. conifers in north Canada or Alaska and other colder areas will remain green no matter what season you choose.
Tropical areas will stay green all year long.  
All trees now have normal and natural size, depending on region. Some trees have been enlarged (mostly within cities to match real life trees.  Some trees have been reduced in other places. This is done based on research and studying images from Google and Bing data. You will notice denser vegetation in most areas.
Free weekly update logs (bottom of the page)

Season trees will not affect the trees in photogrammetry areas as I have no control of changing those green colors until Asobo fixes it. So far now those will stay green. It's best to turn photogrammetry off.

Spring Season mod will change trees and shrubs to shades of beautiful spring colors within cities only. Forest and areas outside cities will have bright spring green colors only.  You will find colorful trees such as cherry blossom, jacaranda, wisteria, etc. There are pink, purple, white, yellow colored trees. 

All trees and shrubs now have beautiful shades of green and different sizes.
Added a variety of tree types to each region.
Added missing palm trees in some tropical areas.
Added cactus to some of the desert areas.

This mod will convert trees all over the world into fall season colors. Tropical areas will have less fall colors since they stay mostly green all year round.
This is a must have to bring the beauty of fall season into this amazing sim. All trees and shrubs have now beautiful brown, green, orange, yellow and red colors, depending on region.

Winter: (new bare tree)
Winter Mod changes most trees to multiple brown and gray colors. (except conifer trees) Brown/gray trees look much more natural in winter and with snow instead of green trees with snow.
Most other trees and shrubs now have brown and pale green colors, depending on region.

Winter season does not automatically place snow in scenes. If you want to see snow, you will have to add snow manually in the weather setting or fly in an area in live weather to see snow.

New updated software to install seasons automatically. 
Please read the install.txt for a link to download the new software and a video on how to install.

v6.0.5 Changelog:
– Hawaii jungles enhanced.
– Added Pinus Sylvestris trees in Skuleskogen National Park in Sweden.
– Manila airport trees restored.
– Singapore airport trees restored..
– Palm trees on Santa Monica and Venice beaches restored.
– Amsterdam spring trees restored.
– New York Central Park winter trees (works with photogrammtery off only)