[MSFS] - Aeroplane Heaven – Cessna 140 v1.3.0


– Fixed the altitude pressure readout issue regarding mismatch ( thanks John )
– Tickelled ( technical name ) some pixels and polygons around the panel.
– Ammeter changed from auto style of ammeter to aviator style ammeter.
– Yokes animate to 110 degrees from rest in either directions ( thanks Christian ).
– Electrics have been massaged to fix the issue occurs when you start at another starting point other than the runway. ( thanks Tristan ).
– Tail light issue resolved.
– Corrected engine performance.
– Battery \ Electrical issue with longer than 30 minutes flights rectified ( Tested on a full flight from 100 % fuel to 19 % fuel with all lights on and the avionics ).
– Added this changelog to the documentation. It’s like inception but makes a little more sense.
– YellowBrown thumbnail corrected for float version
– Electrical systems adjusted for alternator output
– Direct-to button added to GNS430
– Shadow dot removed from panel above magnetos.
– Rain entering cabin fixed
– Mixture control reversed
– VSI re-coded
– Click-spot replaced for gear-type selection in wheeled version (Spats, No-Spats, BushWheels)
N.B. There will be no water-rudder control in the cockpit until the simulator can provide proper water rudder interaction
– Model reconfigured to give choice of SPATS, NO SPATS or BUSHWHEELS selectable directly in the sim without the need for separate models.
– Floatplane Version added
– G1000 replaced with more compact, user friendly, optional avionics suite comprising: GNS 430 (GPS), GTX 328 Transponder & S-Tec 55 Autopilot
– Numerous texture improvements
– Rain effect reversed to fall in the correct direction.
– Missing rear left quarter cabin structure textures replaced in all liveries
– Revised electrics code to allow for continuous alternator operation
– Revised engine code
– Revised fuel-burn

The Cessna 140 was introduced in 1949, following on from the 120. Uprated engines and improved landing gear were among the changes and provided the aviation public with an aeroplane that was comfortable and easy to fly.

The 140 stands out from other Cessnas with its unique “art deco”, automotive style instrument panels. The interior layout is simply but comfortably furnished and everything is to hand. This made the aeroplane the ideal trainer and its near vice-less behaviour and inherent strength made it popular with flying clubs and flight schools everywhere.

• Accurately modelled in High Fidelity with an enormous amount of authentic detail
• Detailed animations include sprung steerable tailwheel, sprung main U/C legs, brake discs and callipers.
• ‘Hidden’ modern navigation suite fitted to the cockpit panel for IFR navigation. ( totally optional )
• Asobo based pilots. Therefore the pilots you have chosen will fly the plane.

• 7 Authentic liveries include polished alloy, gloss paint and well-worn examples.
• 3 versions of the Cessna and if you know your way around configuration files your choice of which version to use per livery.
• ‘PBR Workflow’ texturing inside and out, as used in many of today’s successful computer games