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[MSFS] - V.G.P. – PowerSTOL v1.3.5


v1.3.5 Changelog:
– Fixed engines not stoping with magnetos after starting flight
– Fixed landing gears not working on float version when key was bound to “toggle command” (G by default)
– Fixed flaps not working when key was bound to “maximum position” (F8 by default) and added new flaps position

PowerSTOL is small fictional ultralight capable of STOL flying. My friends real pilots participated in flight model tuning and therefore I can say it should be very close to reality. Hope you will enjoy it as I do.


• Technical specification:
• Engine: Rotax 582 twin cylinder two stroke wattercooled engine
• Power: 48kW / 65hp at 6500/min
• Fuel consumption: 27l/h max / 16l/h cruise
• Never exceed speed: 120kts / 100kts with flaps extended
• Maximum speed: 90kts
• Cruise speed: 75kts
• Minimal speed: 25kts with flaps retracted / 18kts with flaps extended
• Maximum celling: 15000 ft
• Fuel tank: 29.5l
• Endurance: 2h
• Maximum range: 241Km / 130Nm


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