[MSFS] - Touching Cloud – JW1 Skypirat v0.9.12


Although very similar, this is the payware JW1 NOT the freeware JW1 from flightsim.to.

Have you ever dreamed about flying like a bird, outside of a metal can with a windshield? Now you have a chance to do it in Microsoft Flight Simulator – take on your suit and prepare for a mind blowing experience!

You can hover like a helicopter, or escort an airliner like a jet fighter. Participate in competitions or fly above cities in VR mount. Your only enemies – small fuel tank and extremely sensitive controls.

Flaps handle is flight mode switch:
Flap #1 Cruise flight – native flight model only active
Flap #2 Stabilization – available at the speed less than 100kn, automatics will try to hold you in vertical position, manual control effectiveness also increased
Flap #3 Hovering – automatics will try to hold you 10 meters above the surface, set throttle to 0%/100% to avoid controls conflict
Flap #4 Parachute – landing parachute, ensure you have at least 500ft altitude above ground

Spoilers handle – helmet display vertical adjustment

Navigation lights switch – aboard attachment toggle

We are not trying to build a copy of any real aircraft. However, we are trying to make it fly at least somehow realistically for given specifications, in the existing limits of MSFS and our knowledge. Please consider JW1 as an evaluation of simulator capabilities rather than an attempt to create a flight trainer. Any experience you will get with this add-on can’t be used in real life, both for flying or aircraft building.