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[MSFS] - SW. Studios - Zenith CH701 STOL v1.3.0



SimWorks Studios – Zenith CH701 STOL v1.3.0

Posted by SimPlaza on August 2, 20211 Comment

Make sure to remove both the old aircraft add-on folder and the “simworksstudios-new-york-state-bush-trip” folder (this one is now integrated) before updating.



– Added Wwise sound package

– Modified aircraft in accordance with SU5 code changes

– Fixed inanimate switches on transponder

– Fixed pushbutton animations


– Removed flaps failure if extended above 70mph.

– Improved landing gear contact points


– Tuned glide ratios using flight test data obtained from two CH701s.

– Reduced P-Factor.

– Flaps will retract due to forces above 63mph.

– Flaps will fail if extended above 70mph.

– Removed Aileron and rudder trim from the flight model.

– Modified exit opening speed.

– Added colour band to airspeed indicator.

– Removed rain from under the wingroots.

– Added mouse colliders for VR.

– Added VR pilot camera.

First introduced in 1986, the STOL CH 701 aircraft was developed as an off-airport, short take-off and landing kit aircraft to fulfill the demanding requirements of both sport pilots and first-time builders. With the STOL CH 701, designer Chris Heintz combined the features and advantages of a “real” airplane with the short-field capabilities of an “ultralight” aircraft. The aircraft features fixed leading-edge slats for high lift, full-span flaperons (both ailerons and flaps), an all-flying rudder, and durable all-metal construction.

Created in meticulous detail, the SWS 701 features:

• Detailed visual model made from factory drawings

• Realistic flight model with accurate STOL performance

• Sounds recorded from the real aircraft

• Detailed cockpit featuring custom instruments

• Door and no-door variants in four liveries

• A bush trip through New York state

• Three airports improved with custom objects and ground textures

• Lufker (49N)/Spadaro (1N2)

• Sky Acres (44N)

• Roxbury Runway (1NK0)

• Note: The aircraft makes use of the default GNS530 and GTX330

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