[MSFS] - NG Simulations – EMB110 Bandeirante v1.0.3


v1.0.3 Changelog:

– [Systems]: Fixed GTX330 Transponder not working issue due to breaking changes in SU5.

– [Systems]: RMI and HSI pointers logic fixed.

– [Systems]: Fixed HUD issue (on external view) with generic instruments after SU5.

– [Systems]: EFB Tablet is now fixed for your convenience.

– [Marketplace]: Added support contact links, as per requirement.

– [General]: Minor bug fixes.

After months of hard work and a very stringent development and testing, NextGen Simulations is thrilled to bring you everyone, the Bandeirante for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the most sophisticated and high-quality rendition ever made of the EMB-110 for this magnificent platform.

Bandeirante consists of a simulated rendition of the EMB-110 Bandeirante and developed for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), developed by Asobo Studio. This product features a professional, yet simplified systems programming, featuring also the full potential of the Garmin GPSs and avionics included by default with the flight simulation platform, allowing you as well to enjoy the simming experience while bringing you a good look-and-feel of this popular aircraft.