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[P3D V4][P3D V5] Vx Diamond DA62


The Diamond DA62 is one of the newest and most advanced GA aircraft you can buy today. Powered by two turbo-charged 180hp jet-fuel diesel engines, the DA62 features a sleek carbon-composite airframe, advanced avionics, TKS anti-icing, redundant engine control computers, and many more advanced systems.

The Vertx DA62 provides the most realistic and immersive flying experience possible. Every aspect of the Vertx DA62 exhibits unmatched attention-to-detail_from the 3D models and textures, to the avionics, the aircraft systems, the aerodynamics, the sounds, and the overall user experience.

The Vertx G1000 features the clearest and smoothest-moving glass display yet seen in P3D, thanks to the innovative use of 3D modelling to build the digital display. Text is clear and readable, colours are smooth and crisp, and the attitude indicator moves perfectly smoothly at the same frame-rate as the rest of the sim.

The G1000 MFD features large, clear maps with multiple display options. Integral with the G1000 is a fully-featured flight planner that allows you to create, save, edit and load flight plans directly in the G1000, or load flight plans from an external flight planner. Realistic direct-to, GPS OBS, VNAV and GPS LPV approach guidance are also simulated.

The Vertx DA62 features in-depth systems modelling, allowing you to fly using the exact same procedures outlined in the real-life DA62 POH.

All cockpit settings are saved between flights, meaning whenever you start a new flight in the Vertx DA62 it's just how left it on your last flight.

Each engine features dual control computers with automated run-up, single power lever control and automatic propeller feathering. Other systems include: a custom electrical system with realistic battery drain, ground power, backup batteries on engine ECUs and the standby attitude module; a realistic fuel system with manually pumped auxiliary tanks; emergency gravity powered gear extension; TKS anti-icing; supplemental oxygen, and much more.

The flight model received particular attention, with the aim of bringing new levels of realism to P3D. Utilising code written outside of the standard P3D flight model, the lift and drag values for each individual wing are constantly calculated, ensuring the most realistic low speed, stall, and spin characteristics possible.

To ensure the most realistic single-engine handling possible, we've added more custom code to simulate single-engine asymmetrical thrust. An engine failure while flying at high power with low airspeed can lead to loss of directional control and inadvertent spin entry.

All interior sounds are controlled by custom code exclusive to the Vertx DA62. The engine sounds feature ultra-realistic response to RPM and power changes. Propeller sounds feature numerous advancements including propeller blade angle-of-attack effects. Wind sounds react to aircraft attitude, gear position, and more. Sounds become louder when you open the doors.

Additional features include: hypoxia (oxygen starvation) simulation; Wing flex with custom control code; doors that react to airspeed and attitude changes; volumetric propellers that smoothly transition between high and low RPM; floating magnetic compass; cockpit vibrations; stall buffet; over-speed cockpit vibrations and wing flutter; engine start-up and shut-down vibrations; and much more.

A feature-rich config app allows you set the Vertx DA62 to be just the way you like.

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