Fly to Monterrey Mexico! This detailed package includes Monterrey City LandMarks & Monterrey Del Norte international airport, located around 90 miles south of the US Texas border, is the most important executive and general aviation airport in northern Mexico, housing more than 300 aircrafts. The airport was built in 1942 to start commercial flights between Dallas, TX and Monterrey City which now is the second largest city in Mexico with a population of near 5.5 million and an important industrial and financial hub for Mexico. Monterrey city Landmarks features buildings like; Torre Obispado (tallest building in LatinAmerica), Torre Koi, Torre Safi Metropolitan, Pabellon M, Torre del Centro de Gobierno, Lui Tower, Torres Helicon, Atirantado bridge, Fundidora Park, the downtown area (el centro),  rayados bbva stadium,  Av Constitucion, etc, the package also improves elevation data, lightning and terrain information.

Del Norte Airport, is designed with high detail, based on real data for runways, ramp positions, navaids-ILS, elevations, taxiways and aprons, carefully designed custom buildings; FBOs, GA Terminal, Hangars, Mexican Airforce base-BAM 14 and the CIIA-UANL campus, hundreds of hadcrafted objects and buildings for realistic flights.