[MSFS] JF PA-28R Arrow III v0.3.0


v0.3.0 (25/03/21)

Checklists added (manual and automatic/co-pilot modes supported)
Direction Indicator (DI) bezel now illuminated by panel lighting
Whiskey compass animation fixed
Sun visor animation now visible from exterior
GNS 530 display now remains visible after GPS unit toggle on EFB is used
Landing gear auto-extension logic fixes
Airspeed indicator (ASI) needle accuracy issue fixed
Airspeed indicator (ASI) TAS scale fixed
Yoke timer paused when yoke hidden - fixed
ON/OFF control assignments now supported (e.g. lights, master/alternator)
Autopilot OMNI/VOR hold disengaging after flying overhead VOR - fixed
Autopilot mode engagement logic fixes
HSI no longer drifts
Aircraft type now included in ATC calls
inHG baro scale added to standby altimeter
Yoke visibility, emergency gear lever, co-pilot, chock, tie-down and towbar selections, COM/NAV/ADF frequencies and fuel load are now included in state saving
Chock, tie-down and towbar selections can now be made via LVars for use by cockpit builders, VR users etc
KMA 20 audio selector logic fixes
Paint kit horizontal stabiliser texture fixes
Yoke pitch animations added to exterior model
Further VR compatibility tweaks (including larger clickspots for small controls, fixed EFB power and GPS 100 buttons)
COM/NAV volumes now set to 100% when ending flight in Arrow III to prevent issues with other aircraft
Flap lever vibration when using control axis - fixed
GNS 430/530 not powering up when avionics master control is assigned - fixed