[P3Dv4] - PMDG 737NGXu Base Package for Prepar3D v4 2.90.9930

- Special Thanks: Cracked by "putzfrau", Installer by "Smoker0620"
Information regarding installation (important!):
- Install with provided installer (it's the original one)
- Second important step: You need to start the new Operation Center 2.0, update it to the current version. After this, update the plane via OC 2.0 to 2.90.9930
- Put the cracked gaugle .dll into your "Prepar3D v4\gauges"-folder (replace original file)

(Edit) Link to isolated updated files 2.90.9930:

Possible alternative / isolated update files:
While it seems somebody have troubles updating the plane.. Please read the manual! Most of the problems are on the users end, so to get full support, buy the product and ask the developers directly.. Besides that, I thought it would be good to have the updated files isolated in case of Operation Center Connection fails or other possible issues. So I've linked them, just extract this straight into your "Prepar3D v4"-Main Folder. Remember: The order remains:

1. Install with Installer
2. Update the OC 2.0, then the plane
3. If, and only if (!) updating the OC / Plane will not work properly, extract the updated files directly into your "Prepar3D v4"-Main folder and replace older versions of files, if asked about this
4. Apply the crack by replacing the gauge .dll as described
5. Enjoy

These files will also help, if you update the plane accidentally after a new update arrives and there's no new crack yet. Best solution would be the current version of the installer (if it even exists as updated version)