[XP11] - C-17 Globemaster III

The  C-17 Globemaster III is a large military transport aircraft initially developed by McDonnell Douglas and now part of Boeing. It is is the newest, most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the airlift force. The C-17 is capable of rapid strategic delivery of troops and all types of cargo to main operating bases or directly to forward bases in the deployment area. The design of the aircraft allows it to operate through small, austere airfields.
Virtavia has long been famous for producing a quality C-17 for FSX. This is their first X-Plane version and it is packed with nice features.
High quality 3D model
High resolution glass EFIS panels, with double FSX resolution, 6 screens to choose from.
Many custom animations including landing gear, thrust reversers, all doors, 2 position rear ramp, flaps, speed brakes.
High quality animated, folding HUD with 3 de-clutter modes.
Realistic handling including modelling of brown-flap high lift wings.
Unique custom animated 3D menu for easy access to door animations, Fuel load, Payload
Detailed and functional Autopilot panel.
Detailed Standby Engine display with preset thrust level buttons.
Functional FMS computer -  Plugin enhanced systems for greater system functionality.
Quality digital back-lit lighting night lighting - Cockpit floor lighting and cargo hold lighting
Custom viewpoint buttons.
Mission computers
Detailed combination Nav/Com/ADF/Transponder radio.
Flare deployment - Exterior lighting designed to get the best from HDR in X-Plane 10.
Detailed startup procedure - - Custom warnings and caution panel.
Unique drag-adjust trim gauges.
Toggle hide control column and folding seat arms.
Interactive cargo load dependent on weight.
Cabin Pressure Panel, Windscreen wipers, Adjustable pedals, Functional fire extinguishers.
Interior and exterior cockpit models to maximize frame rate.
Exterior flood lighting - Exterior 'slime' lighting
8 liveries with bump maps - 30 page user manual with full checklist.