Robinson R66 v2.0.0


– Fixed the cyclic neutral fwd aft position
– Fixed the beacon and nav lights artifacts (confirmed)
– Camera views updated since the cyclic moved
– Fixed the VR cyclic collider for grabbing the cyclic in VR (confirmed)
– Fixed the left rear door off by default
– A few modeling enhancements
– Fixed the anti-torque pedal animations and neutral position
– Moved the checklist position since it was a little too far away
– Glass panel G3X screens are brighter and can be adjusted with the “INST. LIGHTS” potentiometer
– Sounds were adjusted to get rid of the high pitch squealing that lots of people were sensitive to
– Multiplayer sounds were fixed to sync up the engine and rotor sound distances
– SU15 governor code requirements updated to fix any governor issues
– Changed the starter auto cutoff to 25% N1. Some people were having issues being too slow to introduce fuel when starting
– Fixed some FLT issues that were causing problems depending on how the fight was started
– AC, map, and cabin light switches changed to horizontal and reversed for better manipulation
– All screen glass materials adjusted for better visibility
– Fixed oil pressure range and accuracy
– Fixed vertical speed gauge inaccuracies