Got Friends – Revolution Mini–500 v1.0.5


The Mini-500 is a 1990s single-seat light helicopter. The helicopter was deliverable in a kit to enthusiasts around the world for a unique home building experience. Originally designed to be powered by a single Rotax 582 piston engine, the two stroke engine proved to be underpowered in application and failed many times in-flight. The engine’s vibration levels proved to be a problem as they, combined with excessive rotor vibrations, lead to cracked frames and other component failures. In 2003, plans were put into place that provided replacement engines to existing Mini-500s that replaced the under-powered Rotax 582. This would allow owners to shift to a more reliable Solar T-62 Turbine Engine. To this day, there is no indication that any T-62 turbine kit was delivered with an aircraft kit. However, some owners have incorporated the proposed design and you can find a few Mini-500s with this unique turbine engine modification.