[MSFS] - UK2000 Scenery – EGGW Luton Airport v1.2.8

 Luton Airport has become one of the UK’s fastest growing airports, and is a major hub for EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and a number of other smaller operators. It is also popular as a ‘Bizjet’ airport with three main operators. London Luton Airport carried over 17 million passengers in 2019. Our new system takes advantage of the sloping terrain technology in MSFS. we now have sloping runways and airports. No more will we have to put up with flat unrealistic airports. You can see the undulation in the runway and even experiences changes apron and taxiway slopes.  The scenery utilises many of the new MSFS features, including there airport and approach light models. The MSFS Vegetation system is used where possible to populate the airfield with grass, trees and scrubs.