[MSFS] - FlyingIron Simulations – F6F–5 Hellcat v1.0.1


The carrier deck quakes as a deep, guttural roar cuts through the noise and demands respect. The deafening thumping of 18-cylinders is instantly recognisable … the Zero Killer. Ace Maker. The F6F Hellcat.  The logical successor & evolution to the F4F Wildcat, the Hellcat was the monstrous carrier-borne aircraft of the United States Navy in the Pacific Theatre of WWII. The Hellcat first appeared operationally in August 1943, proving its value immediately and taking part in some of the greatest air battles of the Pacific; from the Caroline Islands, to the Battle of the Philippines & many more. The aircraft was incredibly successful in battle, accounting for more than half of all airborne kills from the US Navy. The F6F claimed 5,156 total kills with an extraordinary kill ratio of 19:1, creating 307 Hellcat Pilot aces in the process.  The Hellcat is easily distinguished on the deck by its folding wings & the unmistakeable earth-shaking roar of the enormous 2000+ hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-10W Double Wasp Radial engine. The engine is an air-cooled radial piston engine, with 18 cylinders, a 2-speed supercharger and water injection for additional power demands. This monstrous engine drives a 3-bladed Hamilton Standard Propeller with an enormous 4m diameter, capable of powering the aircraft up to speeds of 391mph (629km/h).  Capable of reaching 20,000ft in under 8 minutes, with a combat range of almost 1000 miles and a service ceiling topping 37,300ft, the Hellcat can get off the deck and into the fight quickly. Prepare yourself to experience the thrill of a catapult launch off the deck. Once you’re in the sky, the real challenge remains: the terror of landing back down on the deck safely. Put yourself to the ultimate test of bravery & skill and see if you can fly the Hellcat as successfully as the great pilots of WWII.  Featuring all-new ground handling physics developed in-house, custom thermodynamics modelling, cockpit shake effects, realistic water injection & automated flaps (a ground-breaking feature of the time), supercharger modelling and much, much more. The F6F Hellcat has been truly brought to life in MSFS!