[MSFS] - SamScene - Aeroporto Internacional ZKPY Pyongyang v1.0.0



Pyongyang is the capital city of North Korea. This scenery includes the detail city with a simple airport design.
Sunan International Airport is the main operating airport in Pyongyang.

It has few destinations which are: Beijing, Chongqing, Macau, Samjiyon, Shenyang, Sunuiju, Vladivostok, Wonsan; where SamScene3D has already created Chongqing and Macau Airports for MSFS.


• Over 100 custom iconic buildings
• Many famous museums, buildings, malls, hotels, banks, towers, plaza, memorial, stadium, statues, university, hospital, landmarks etc in Pyongyang city center.
• Beautiful night effects
• Bridges and ship
• Simple design of Sunan International Airport terminal and jetways.
• Airport with interior design