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 ZADAR AIRPORT CROATIA is photoreal scenery of the airport and surroundings located in the northern part of Dalmatia on Adriatic coast. Scenery covers area of about 120 sq km. Scenery includes international airport Zadar (LDZD) and several small towns and villages around the airport (Sukosan, Bibinje, Crno, Murvica, Smokovic, Zemunik Donji, Galovac and Debeljak). It is continuation of design of Croatian land and airports. Detail description of the airport is in the documentation.

But for the difference to the my earlier Croatian sceneries (LDZA, LDSP, LDDU) made more than eight years ago (before SP1 and SP2 FSX patch), this scenery, like Pula-X fully satisfy today standards of scenery quality. Of course this is accompanied by the greater demand on computer and graphical card. So, scenery is structured in such a manner that with the easy changing of scenery display paremeters (on the main FSX screen) can satisfy all possibilities.


Highly detailed photoreal scenery of the airport (civil and military part) with all custom made objects and extremely clear textures based on high resolution photo pictures
Custom photoreal runway, taxyway and apron textures with markings and lights
Croatian military aircrafts with military and civil traffic file and "live" traffic
Covered area 120 sq km
High Resolution Land Photo Scenery based on satellite pictures (15 cm per pixel resolution on airport, 60 cm per pixel resolution on the rest of the scenery)
Seasonal and night ground textures according to geographic area
Detailed (almost 100%) realistic hand placed of hundred and thousand autogen objects (buildings and trees) with the precision of 4 m for the whole area (default is about 64 m).
Custom specific objects in surrounding (Metro, ACI Sukosan, some buildings..)
Custom mesh in the airport area
Road traffic
Aeronautical charts
Possibility of easy optimization for good frame rates
Fully compatible with the Croatian airports scenery, FS Global 2010 X, FTX Global..
AES compatible

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