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[P3Dv4] - LatinVFR San Juan TJSJ P3Dv4 [v1.3]


- All objects changed to the new P3dv4 code, ground aprons, taxiways and runways compiled with the new P3dv4 version with added texture shaders and effects. (p3dv4 only)
2- Changed all gate denominations to current, on the terminal, the ground and on the AFX file.
3- Added dynamic lights (p3dv4 only)
4- Added SODE jetways (Please have SODE installed before you run this version of TJSJ)
5- Updated terminal textures removing American Airlines signs.
6- And other fixes.
For FSX users if you have Aerosoft AES installed, please be aware that after installing this update it will not properly work because of the new gates and also because of the SODE jetways. 


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